October, 2014

  1. How William Wilkinson Made the iOS 8 Camera Controls Even Better

    October 1, 2014 by Nevin Thompson


    While the recent launch of the iPhone 6 was dominated by the shocking discovery that you can bend or even break an iPhone by sitting on it, another announcement got overlooked.

    Thanks to iOS 8, iPhone users now have access to more control over the onboard camera. More iPhone camera functionally finally comes after the iPhone has been crowned as the most popular camera in the world.

    One Victoria app designer has taken advantage of the increase control and functionality of the iPhone.

    Almost overnight, Victoria’s William Wilkinson is gaining global recognition for a beautifully-designed piece of software meant for pro photographers and amateur snapshot enthusiasts alike.

    Victoria’s Other Innovative Wilkinson: William


    William Wilkinson has a great blog

    While Metalab’s Andrew Wilkinson has developed his own cult following for providing designs to companies like Google, his brother William is gaining global recognition as a software designer.

    William Wilkinson‘s latest product?

    Manual for iPhone.

    According to the massively popular online tech website TechCrunch,  William Wilkinson‘s Manual, “provides a serene, useful manual experience for the iPhone.”

    While anyone now can use iOS 8’s manual settings to control ISO, shutter speed and other aspects of the phone’s camera, Wilkinson has created an app that makes it much easier (if you know your way around a DSLR) to get the most out of an iPhone camera.


    Manual lets you fiddle with almost all the settings found on a DSLR — focus, white balance (sunny, cloudy, indoors, or custom temperatures), ISO, shutter speed, and exposure bracketing.

    Intended to be a camera replacement app, TechCrunch argues that Wilkinson’s Manual, far from being just for expert photographers is instead for the “curious, those interested in taking better pictures and all phone photographers.”

    TechCrunch like the app so much they used is as the banner image for a recent article discussing the release of full manual controls for iOS 8.


    Victoria app developer gets covered by the Verge

    The Verge, the internet’s other big tech website, was not quite as sold on Manual as an iPhone camera app for everyone, saying it’s really intended for experts.

    However, the big news here is that Victoria software and app developers are getting noticed anywhere and everywhere.

    For example, Manual is getting coverage everywhere from Indonesia and other places around the world.

    Top Paid App

    And, for a brief time, Manual rocketed to success as the top paid app in the App Store.