The rebirth of Victoria’s analogue

March 19, 2015 by Nevin Thompson

analogue magazine

If you haven’t heard of analogue magazine, get ready for the handcrafted Victoria culture magazine’s relaunch on April 1st, 2015.

analogue represents, documents and promotes the vibrant, energetic music, literature, and arts scene that makes Victoria such an interesting place to live.

analogue has featured many local artists so far in its short life. Highlights include exclusive publication of local Governer General Award nominated poet Garth Martens, the road diaries of Queen of Vancouver Island Carolyn Mark, and William Farrant’s humorous accounts of his trips to Fort McMurray.

Launched just over a year ago in December 2013, in just six months analogue would quickly become a much beloved arts and culture sensation.

The magazine developed a cult following by keeping an on eye up-and-coming local writers, performers and others pouring their heart and soul into Victoria’s vibrant cultural scene.

While analogue now has a strong online presence, the magazine was launched, as its name suggests, to be something tangible.

analogue venerates the tangible and is hyper-local in its focus.”

According to Nick Lyons’ vision, analogue is a print magazine that combines stylish and interesting design with high-quality paper that feels good on your fingertips.

Besides a quiz section by Benji Duke, analogue‘s first issue featured writing by local authors Isobel Maher and Scott Lansdowne, and local historian John Adams, best known for documenting Victoria’s haunted walks.

“Poetry stands in the place of advertising,” says Nick Lyons in analogue‘s manifesto, while boasting “analogue contains the most extensive events listing of any Victorian publication.”

The images provided by analogue photo editor Ilijc Albanese.

Ilijc’s photographs, says Nick, provide a cornerstones for the magazine.

Graphic designer Janice Hidlybrant took analogue‘s aesthetic to another level. Website designer Kristen Bingham brought Nick’s vision to life online.

After going on hiatus for a few months in 2014, analogue will relaunch on April 1st, 2015 with a beefed-up roster including more editors and a new, high-powered publisher, Mary Ellen Green.


“Until now analogue has focused on print,” says Mary Ellen Green. “However, we launched a website last year along with an extensive social media campaign. The irony of having a website called analogue, of course, is not lost on us. But an online presence is a necessary part of media now.”

Capturing the very essence of Victoria

The passion of local writer Nick Lyons, analogue captured the very essence of Victoria from the day it launched in 2013.

The magazine was launched at the Copper Owl, the cool vintage venue and gathering place located above the historic Paul’s Motor Inn, itself a Victoria landmark.

Nick is a frequent presence at the Copper Owl, where he spins records (and cassettes!) posing as his alter ego DJ Bimbo.

Cassette tapes are one of Lyons’ calling cards.

For the first launch party in December, 2013, Nick handed out 50 mix tapes that were devoted to showcasing local bands – if you can get your hands on one of these limited-edition tapes, count yourself lucky.

Why the focus on cassette tapes? Nick says he thrives on nostalgia, and loves the mid-spectrum sounds provided by magnetic tape.

Performing as DJ Bimbo at the Copper Owl, Cenote and other venues, Nick Lyons makes mix tapes for every one of his shows. By the way: if you have a CD player or cassette tape player (or both) he can use, let Nick Lyons know. He may reward you with a beer.


The Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness will be profiled in the April 2015 issue of analogue. Photo credit: Ilijc Albanese.

analogue‘s 2015 relaunch

After spending a one-year hiatus preparing to take analogue magazine from a project to a business, Nick Lyons and his team are ready to relaunch in a big way.

A key to the relaunch is publisher Mary Ellen Green.

“Getting Mary Ellen on board is is a major step toward the success of the business,” says Nick Lyon who now works as editor-in-chief.

Nick and publisher Mary Ellen are themselves part of Victoria’s cultural DNA. Both are alumni of Victoria institution Monday Magazine, where Mary was arts editor, and Nick her most reliable freelancer. Nick and Mary Ellen became fast friends and found they worked well together.

Another important addition to the analogue team is associate editor Scott Lansdowne.

“Scott has been a regular contributor to the magazine since its inception,” says Nick. “With his thorough, deliberate eye Scott polishes every piece to a fine lustre.”

With Mary Ellen taking on much of the business end of the publication, Nick says he’ll able to concentrate more on the creativity that gives analogue its soul.

Besides the usual focus on poetry and literature, the April issue of analogue will feature a ton of stories exploring Victoria’s blazing hot indie music scene, plus an insider’s look at Victoria’s improv theatre culture.

As well, this being Victoria, wine, beer and gin reviews will take a centre stage in analogue.

“It’s a complete mixed bag,” says Nick Lyons. “The strength of analogue lies in its diversity.”

Analogy: tangible interaction, locally-sourced content

“In April we will be launching another publication called ‘analogy’,” says publisher Mary Ellen. “This single-page, double-sided free monthly will have a wider distribution than analogue, and will feature crossword puzzles, trivia, comics and other highly engaging content.”

The purpose of analogy, says Mary Ellen, is to offer a tangible form of interaction with locally sourced content.

How to find analogue after April 1st

Look for the analogy one-sheet and analogue magazine around downtown Victoria beginning April 1st. In the meantime, check out

 B-Side extra: Nick Lyons’ local cassette tape mix

Can’t get your hands on one of Nick’s hard-to-find cassette tape mixes? Track down these local bands at your friendly neighbourhood record store:

  • Hank Pine
  • Lily Fawn
  • David P. Smith
  • Chet
  • Frog Eyes
  • Bucan Bucan
  • Black Valley Gospel
  • Bankrobber
  • Hearse
  • Dylan Stone




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