B-Side – Victoria’s Own TC-Helicon

May 7, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield


One of the world’s leading audio companies is based right here in Victoria.

The company is TC-Helicon, and everyone from Anthrax, Imogen Heap, Bootsy Collins, Depeche Mode and the Queens of the Stone Age uses their products.

Listen to Dan Gunn talk about TC-Helicon on the Zone FM

Check out their artist page. It’s impressive.

As well, this year both the famed BRIT school in London and Leeds College of Music have introduced their students to TC-Helicon’s awesome array of vocal processors, racks and other cutting-edge audio electronics.

TC-Helicon’s range of products spans from floor vocal processors such for producing completely produced vocal sounds on stage, to modern performance microphones that offer simple remote control vocal effects.


Everything from a Gospel Choir to a T-Rex

When some bands go into the studio to record, they need everything and anything.

A gospel choir? No problem! Playing guitar through an old Leslie-cabinet in a large concrete room? Let’s do it! Adding the roar from a sleep deprived T-Rex to track 9? OK!

But, once it is time to play the same songs live, the creativity exercised during the recording process suddenly works against the artist.

A gospel choir is expensive to tour with, a concrete room on wheels poses a logistic problem, and you need to build a time machine to take a prehistoric animal with you on stage.

Queens of the Stone Age, whose music is a mix of many different musical styles, know this dilemma, so they used TC-Helicon’s cool VoiceLive 2 processor to recreate studio effects in concert.

They’re Hiring!

And, like many companies in Victoria’s booming tech sector, TC-Helicon is hiring. They’re looking for an Electronic Design Engineer.

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