Cold Shoulder Cafe

July 14, 2015 by Tessa Bousfield


The breathtaking view from Jordan River’s campground is being enjoyed once again, after BC Hydro’s announcement in May that they will buy homes at fair market value once available, instead of immediately. This all began with the paranoia of what could happen to the land after a major earthquake.

News that Jordan River won’t be a Ghost Town right away has made locals, surfers, backpackers and campers rejoice, putting a spark back into the little town.

One of those sparks is the Cold Shoulder Cafe.


Cold Shoulder Cafe opened last September where Shell’s Fish & Chips and corner store used to be. They’re showing great promise as they’ve made it through a slower tourist season and seem to always be busy, even on Tuesday nights. It may have something to do with the owners being local surfers and understanding the vibe of their community.

Josh Constandinou, Murray Higgins, Christine Winsby, Shawna Knight, Ella Constandinou, Josey Legalis, Sage Boisvert, Jeremy Knight and Ruby Spurr make up the large, supportive team of Cold Shoulder.

“The Cold Shoulder was an idea started by a few friends, and was a place that we always imagined would exist,” commented co-owner Murray Higgins. “We were over waiting for it to happen. We needed a hub or meeting place to enjoy the days and welcome the people travelling through this beautiful little piece of the world.”


The cafe is unique as their kitchen is a newly painted food trailer and all the seating is in the cafe’s building and outside. This makes for a booming business as they can take their kitchen anywhere they want, including the recent Tall Tree Music Festival. “[Tall Tree] was amazing. Never would I have thought it was going to be so challenging. We felt like we survived a fierce battle afterwards, it was a huge success.”

At the moment their menu is fairly simple and is evolving, but you can find homey items like the bacon cheese burger and kennebec fries or Christine’s amazing homemade cookies on any given day.

“We have some ideas in mind for another small cafe,” commented Higgins. “We have just expanded with the food trailer and there is some reno concept for the fall to make the shop more winter friendly outside. In 5 years we look forward to be doing it right, and right here still.”

The Cold Shoulder team will also be busy this summer with friend’s weddings, around the community, with a local motorcycle shop’s event in August and this weekend at Rock the Shores!


“As small an area and community as [Jordan River is], there is truly an amazing amount of condensed things happening here: hiking, hunting, fishing, foraging, birding, paddle boarding, motorcycling, logging, camping and surfing to mention a few. These activities are all a big part of the demographic that keep us in business.”

You can find Cold Shoulder Cafe on Facebook, Instagram or just drive to 11950 West Coast Rd.


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