“Crusaders of the Lost Idols” brings local music on their journey

September 18, 2015 by Tessa Bousfield


You will see the team of Codename Entertainment (and their families), at this weekend’s Rifflandia Festival up front and centre for Towers and Trees. They’re huge fans; so much so that they hired them to write and compose the soundtrack for their game, Crusaders of the Lost Idols.

Crusaders of the Lost Idols puts the player in charge of a band of adventurers set in the fantasy world. The player must destroy waves of increasingly powerful monsters, recruiting new Crusaders along the way. It’s the #1 Idle game and most played game overall on Kongregate.com, the largest English games portal in the world. Not only that, it has over 3 million unique plays which means the melody from Towers and Trees has been played over 3 million times!!

Towers and Trees

Towers and Trees


“Video games are art, just like music, film, dance and other art forms,” explained Eric Jordan, CEO of Codename Entertainment. “When I originally saw Towers & Trees play, I knew that I wanted to work with them to bring their unique sound to one of our games. Towers & Trees brought Good Wood Atoms (from Vancouver) into the project and it was a great fit.”

Adrian Chalifour, lead singer of Towers and Trees, met with Codename to discuss their vision for the game and scored the track you hear right below, called “March of the Crusaders”. It’s actually a very catchy beat and great to listen to when you need to get some motivation.

“The emphasis in the project was really to convey the epic scale of the challenge for the Crusaders and their heroic march across the world. Adrian shared an initial scratch track with us of his idea. Good Wood Atoms then worked with us to craft a version of the music which could loop in the game.”


With the wealth of talent available in Victoria, it makes perfect sense to use the resources we have right at our front door. Right now we have Victoria’s largest music festival happening, an addition of Breakout West, Thinklandia just wrapped up and VIATEC’s Experience Tectoria event is showing off Victoria’s tech talent to local and visiting investors. This city is electric right now!

Codename has deep roots in this community by: sharing knowledge and best practices with the other video game studios in Victoria; putting on joint video game art shows at Fort Tectoria; working with local post secondary institutions; working with local high schools to provide work experience opportunities to students, and working with local charities to raise donations.

Eric Jordan at Experience Tectoria's Demo Camp on Sept 17, 2015

Eric Jordan at Experience Tectoria’s Demo Camp on Sept 17, 2015

“We’re a proudly Victorian and Canadian team who are lucky enough to attract that same talent to bring our games to life. Making games featuring local artists gives us a chance to showcase that talent to a global audience.”


Codename is already working on more projects with Towers and Trees and Good Wood Atoms and looks forward to sharing them with their fellow gamers.

The game is currently available on Kongregate.com, ArmorGames.com and Facebook. If you search for Crusaders of the Lost Idols you can start playing for free immediately. They will be launching on Steam this month and on iOS and Android early next year.

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