Fish Hook on Fort

September 16, 2014 by Nevin Thompson


While Tacofino’s arrival may be a month or so away, in the meantime Fort Tectoria won’t starve.

That’s because we’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from the stretch of Blanshard between Johnson and Broughton known affectionately by Tectoria foodies as “Eat Street.”

The Pink Bicycle is right around the corner from us, as is the Clay Pigeon.

And like all things Tectoria, the good stuff on Eat Street seems to be expanding.

Fabulous Fort’s Fish Hook

Just up Fort from our new location, on the other side of Blanshard Street, lies the fabulous Fish Hook lunch counter.

This uniquely Victoria deli is the successor to The Hook deli that was located at the same spot.

Fish Hook sees “Top Chef Canada” contender and Red Fish Blue Fish mastermind Kunal Ghose joining forces with Steve Kerr, the entrepreneur behind Hook Fine Foods gourmet smoked and cured seafood delicatessen.

Fish Hook’s claim to fame? It’s something called a tartine, a French-style open-face sandwich.


Served on a toasted Irene’s Bakery sourdough baguette, their tartines combine delicious local ingredients with sustainably caught local fish.

You can get everything from a tuna melt to salmon bacon and more. If fish isn’t your thing, they also have deviled egg tartines or Greek salad as a topping. Check out their menu here.

For those in the know who can resist the temptation the tasty tartines, the main draw of course is the daily local fish & curry.

“Chowder is something I’m known for on the Island, says Ghose. “My newest chowder may be one of the biggest draws for Fish Hook,” describing his soon-to-be famous hot fix as a “thyme-chili roasted potato chowder, combining a coconut-smoked fish broth with a halibut confit.”

Fish Hook offers not only tartines, but a wide selection of salads, soups and daily-produced pickles, all featuring a variety of sustainable, locally sourced and farm fresh ingredients.

Ocean Wise-Certified

And of course the fish is sourced from Ocean Wise-certified suppliers. Ocean Wise is an initiative launched by the Vancouver Aquarium to help connect consumers with sustainable seafood choices. So the fish is fresh and caught locally from sustainable fisheries.

Maintaining Ocean Wise, local and organic standards, Fish Hook also offers dairy-free, wheat-free and mayo-free alternatives.

It’s all about providing healthy food options for lunch and dinner while celebrating Victoria’s rising food culture.

Local suppliers include Saanich Organics for fresh produce Kid Sister for ice cream.


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