Float House

January 17, 2014 by jude

It’s just you, some water and 800lbs of dissolved Epsom salts in a sensory deprivation tank. Ya you read that right – 800lbs of Epsom salts! On behalf of the entire Tectoria community we would like to welcome Float House to Victoria. The idea of floating, is actually nothing new – think of it as a way of taking relaxation to a whole other level without breaking any laws. Float House is a business that provides a unique service to its clientele – they have sensory deprivation chambers full of water that can be rented for fixed periods of time. In case you were wondering floating is done in the nude.

When inside the isolation chamber there is no light, no sound, no smell and almost no perception of gravity due to the floating. The water temperature in the tank is matched to that of your skin so you don’t even perceive it. Isolation tanks like these are great for stress relief, general relaxation and meditation. For a full rundown of potential benefits to your mind, body and soul check out their website here: http://www.floathouse.ca

Be prepared for an experience when you go, and let’s be honest, we are all going to try this at least once. This isn’t like getting a tan – in and out is not going to happen. You get there, have a nice shower, and mentally prepare for your time in the tank. Once you finish in the tank it is time for another relaxing shower followed by some hot tea. Everything is white, clean looking and very new age. Their mission is to “provide a clean, relaxed, and unique environment where people of all walks of life can practice deep meditation, manifest creativity, and foster rest and recovery by use of the floatation tank”. Have fun!

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