Fort Tectoria: Your Home Away From Home

September 4, 2014 by Nevin Thompson

Fort Tectoria is on: VIATeC’s new space at 777 Fort Street will open on September 11th. There is going to be a big party, and you’re invited.

Fort Tectoria is the name of the four-storey building on Fort Street VIATeC purchased earlier in 2014.

The building, across the street from iconic Ditch Records (the best record store in Canada), will expand VIATeC’s footprint to a humongous 15,600 square feet of space.

Make sure you’re there on September 11 to see us launch!

exp-tectoria-logo-main.preview-500x84Fort Tectoria: Your Home Away from Home

But Fort Tectoria is so much more than office space.

Number one: We want this this to be your fort, where you feel at home, where you go to hang out.

Number two: Fort Tectoria will also be a great new public space downtown for holding celebrations and events, for launching new companies, and for providing a place for like-minded creators and entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas.

Why “Fort Tectoria”?

The name is a reference to the former HBC trading post down the street where Victoria got its start.

And as any regular reader of this blog should know, Tectoria of course is a reminder that technology is our region’s top private industry, and is playing an important in transforming downtown Victoria into a creative hub.

Why move downtown?

Community awareness of the tech sector went through the roof after VIATeC moved to the corner of Douglas and Hillside a couple of years ago in 2011.

But everyone also said VIATeC ought to be even closer to the downtown core. And they wanted us to be located right at street level, rather than being somewhat hidden like we are now, on the second floor of an office building.

Many of the more than 300 technology companies that have set up shop in downtown Victoria are also working away, largely invisible behind closed doors in office buildings, high above the streets.

So no one walking on the sidewalk below may know there companies in downtown Victoria playing a key role driving our economy and making our community more creative, vibrant, and fun.

Walk in off the street and hang out at Fort Tectoria

But tech’s presence downtown won’t be hidden any longer.

Anyone in Victoria will be able to walk in right off the street to visit VIATeC at their new location at 777 Fort Street.

The building has four floors and a basement, and the ground floor is a community space.

For starters, a café will sell coffee and food throughout the day to anyone walking in off Fort Street.

Fort Tectoria’s ground floor, which also includes a large private meeting room big enough for forty people, features removable walls and partitions, quickly converting the floor into a large space suitable for holding events.

Besides making space at street-level on Fort available for the community to host events.

We’re also looking forward to a hosting a lot of live music.


Photo courtesy Al Smith / Vic42

More space for tech startups

The building at 777 Fort, with 15,600 square feet of space, will be home to VIATeC’s massively successful Accelerator Program that guides, coaches, and grows technology startup companies.

So far the 123 applicants to the Accelerator program have created 121 new jobs, generated $1.8M in new revenues, and have attracted $8.7M in new investment.

We need more room to grow the Accelerator Program, and Fort Tectoria is just the place to do it.

Space for tech entrepreneurs and creators to connect and collaborate

In addition to providing a home for Accelerator participants, the four floors of the new Fort Street location will also provide coworking space, encouraging entrepreneurs and members of Victoria’s creative industries to rub shoulders, connect, and collaborate.

There will be several different meeting rooms and board rooms throughout the building, and the basement will also have showers for people to bike to work or like to get a run in during the work day.

The basement of Fort Victoria is going to be like that cool unfinished basement hideaway that one kid in your high school always seemed to have.

There will be kitchen for tenants to make lunch, but there will also be a turntable, couches, lava lamps, and a total mellow 70’s vibe.

Fort Tectoria is your home-away-from-home.


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