Hack Art in the City

August 5, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield

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Monkey C Interactive recently installed “Musical Railings” at a downtown Victoria parkade and it has had the city buzzing with excitement and even some debate.

Using sensors and microcontrollers, the back stairwell of the Bastion Square (Yates Street) Parkade has been modified into a fully-playable 5-story-tall musical instrument with sound-responsive LED lights.

Click here to watch and hear the stairs in action.

Click here to watch and hear the stairs in action.

Scott Amos and Dave Parfit are behind the project and you may have seen a few of their other creations such as: The Registroid, the Phillips Piano Organ (Philli-phone) and the giant light cubes now found at Dockside Green.

Listen below as Dan Gunn discusses the importance of Hack Art in our City as he dives into it on the Zone@91.3fm’s morning show…

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