It’s About the Meat

January 1, 2014 by jude

If you like to consume flesh there are more than a few good options here in Victoria. To many the source and quality of the meat itself is equally, and sometimes even more important, than the actual flavour. Locally sourced, antibiotic & hormone free as well as grass fed are all things that consumers are starting to think about more and more.

This brings us to the recent opening of the Victoria Public Market. Meat, cheese, pies, tea, bread and more are available at what is our very own (fledgling) mini Granville Island. There is lots to see and explore at this place so head on down. When you do, however, make sure you are hungry because you need to try the Porchetta sandwich down at Roast. Without giving too much away we are just going to say it is better than Subway and leave it at that. Check them out on Facebook HERE.

CarnivoreNow what if you just need to buy a serious Prime Rib? We are talking bone in, antibiotic and hormone free, locally sourced Prime Rib that will make you the star of your next family dinner. Maybe you just need more bacon (who doesn’t)? If you haven’t heard of Carnivore you should really check them out. They are part of a growing movement here in Victoria and elsewhere that is really making the local butcher, deli and bakery relevant again.

In their own words: “Carnivore Meats carries Island beef, pork, lamb, bison, chicken and turkey; we make our own fresh sausages, smoked products like bacon, ham, and pepperoni; we will have a deli side to find the finest Island cheeses, cold cuts, etc; and all these products will are made with hormone-free and antibiotic-free Island meats that were free range and humanely raised; all grinds will be single batch; we accept any and all custom orders or special cutting requests; and virtually all meat comes from within 100 miles.”  

Check out Carnivore on Facebook HERE.

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