Jamie Tobin: Tectoria's Own Logistical Genius

July 23, 2014 by Nevin Thompson

If you enjoyed Rock the Shores earlier this month, and are looking forward to rocking out at Rifflandia in September, or even brought your kids down to the Leg lawn on Canada Day to listen to live music, you really ought to know the name of Jamie Tobin.

Jamie is the Tectorian who plays an important role making some of Victoria’s biggest live shows possible by coordinating the setup and tear down of the massive stages.

Jamie’s skill is not only recognized right here in his own backyard, but also all over the world –  Jamie played a key role getting it done, organizing the opening and closing ceremonies at the Sochi Olympics (his official job title: “Senior Operations Manager for Ceremonial Venues at the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics).

He spent more than a year in Russia, and returned to Victoria in March after the successful end of the Paralympics.

The BCIT grad got his start with his own independent event management company that he started up in Whistler nearly a decade ago.

The frequent ski and snowboard competitions at the end of the Sea-to-Sky highway just north of Vancouver provided Jamie with a steady stream of events where he could hone his skills as a planner, organizer, and all-around logistical virtuoso.

Jamie’s hard work in Whistler paid off, and he was asked to be site manager for 2010 opening and closing ceremonies for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Fast-forward to January, 2013: Victoria’s Jamie Tobin arrived in Sochi Russia and had to figure out how to plan the logistics for one of the world’s biggest shows – the Winter Olympics.

Along the way, of course, Jamie has helped shape and build massive music festivals that are making his home base of Victoria, BC, a more vibrant and interesting place to live, while boosting our reputation across Canada and North America.


Photo of Rifflandia Stage courtesy of  amazing local photographer Gwen Ewart. Check out more of Ewart’s cool concert photos here.

So thanks, Jamie!

And with Rock the Shores successfully check off, and Rifflandia right around the corner, Jamie must not be getting any sleep: right now, Jamie is operations manager for the opening and closing ceremonies at the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games.

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