Record Store Day 2014: Black Friday

November 19, 2014 by Nevin Thompson

Black Friday in November marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the US.

Black Friday is typically “observed” (if that’s what you call a stampede of shoppers pouring into a big box store like something out of World War Z) on the day after American Thanksgiving.

The hordes of fairly frightening shoppers show up for deals and discounts as retailers try encourage a frenzy of maximum consumer consumption before the end of the year.

This year Black Friday occurs quite late, on Friday, November 28th.

While most conscientious Tectorians and other Canadians should have already started their Christmas shopping, this year Black Friday features something special from the dedicated, rag tag group of retailers known as record stores.

Yes, record stores that sell actual vinyl discs still exist (Ditch Records, Canada’s best record store, is located directly across the street from Fort Tectoria).

They band together to put on an annual event called Record Store Day each April.

And now there is an ancillary event: Record Store Day 2014: Black Friday is a new chance to get great vinyl.

Don’t expect crowds of deranged hyper-materialists to descend on the record stores of the land.

Instead Record Store Black Friday is a chance to find limited special editions, often numbered, from a diverse list of beloved artists.

RSD’s version of Black Friday is an excuse to celebrate both the pieces themselves and the special indie record stores who carry them.  Cheap, mass-produced frenzy is not the goal.

The special releases for Record Store Day are made to be sold solely at independently owned record stores on the day that Record Store Day takes place (the third Saturday of every April) whereas Black Friday releases are made for the holiday season.

This means stores will launch the special releases on Black Friday but may choose to carry them beyond Black Friday (as supplies last, they are still limited runs).  Black Friday is really more of a special release date then a one-day “holiday” like Record Store Day.

There are at least four record stores in Tectoria. Can you name all of them? Check out the venue guide to see who is participating this Black Friday.


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