Ryan Roga

December 4, 2014 by Nevin Thompson

Many people who pass by the entrance to Fort Tectoria, our new building at 777 Fort Street, stop and do a double-take.


For one thing, in Fort Tectoria’s lobby there is a large foam rocket ship being piloted by a robot. This always grabs the attention of passers-by.

And, more recently, the lobby has been taken over by a large, trippy Mega Mushroom by the electronic art and creative design dynamo known as Ryan Roga.

We have talked about freelance artist and designer Russ Papp on the B-Side before (among many other things Russ 36-foot gypsy caravan-inspired refrigerated trailer with 32 beer taps called the Phillips Gypsy Wagon, as well as Tectoria’s very own Space Bus).

Like Russ Papp, Ryan Roga is another one of those people who combines technology with creativity and entrepreneurialism to help transform Victoria into a true imagination economy.

Originally from Alberta, Ryan Roga creates cool art installations that are popular at festivals all over western Canada. Most recently Roga’s installations have been seen by thousands of people at Tall Tree in Port Renfrew.

And for the moment his mushroom is occupying our front lobby. It looks awesome.

Ryan uses lights and cool little electronics like neopixels to create beautiful and immersive landscape such as De Minimis Spiritus.

De Minimis Spiritus as an installation was intended to create an immersive lighting experience for the Bass Coast Electronic Music and Art Festival.

Each element of the installation was hand made from basic components – no store bought elements. Every light and each control circuit was carefully put together by hand. The original work was entirely wireless and operated strictly on battery power.

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