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May 14, 2014 by Nevin Thompson


Photo courtesy Artlandia


We need to let you know about Scott Amos and his insane beer-bottle-blowing, keg-thumping, can-rattling, glass-glowing wind organ THE PHILLIPHONE. It’s amazing.



 Photo courtesy Artlandia

Scott Amos is a typical Tectorian: although not (yet) a household name in Victoria, he is an internationally screened, award winning filmmaker.

His compelling short films have appeared on CBC Television, Atomfilms, the Wildlight Channel, and Bravo!

And Scott does it all from Victoria – he’s completing an MFA at the University of Victoria’s renowned Writing Department.

Scott also teaches in the Writing department no doubt rubbing shoulders with fellow Tectorian David Leach.

Listen to Dan talk about Scott Amos on the Zone

Scott works in both film and video, and uses a ton of cool found footage and a whole range of media, including animation and even software and microcontrollers to create intricate works of art.


One of Scott’s earlier experiments (he collaborated with Limbic media, among others) is Atagamatron, a gesture controlled kinetic sculpture and musical instrument built from repurposed analog sound and film equipment, augmented with solenoids, pot- sliders, servos, motors, LEDs, and a microcontroller.

A highlight is an X-Box Kinect that scans viewers for bacteria, with participants winning a free trip to Darcy Island.

scott amos


Scott explains the piece here.


Scott also works with MediaNet, an artist-run video-art collective based right here in Victoria, distributing independent films, and providing technical support.

His recent works have screened in England, Australia, the United States, Vancouver Island and Calgary and his short film Sometimes was recently voted an audience favourite, and is to be included in a “Best of the NorthWest” Touring Film Program through the NorthWest Film Center in Portland.

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