Somewhere to go: Punk Victoria

September 23, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield


Paulina Ortlieb has been working on a punk documentary for Victoria for the past 5 years called “Somewhere to go: Punk Victoria”. She created a few documentaries while getting her Masters at the University of Victoria and was encouraged to do one for her thesis. This is the result.

A trailer was released just a few days ago and it has the entire city buzzing. This is as B-Side as it gets! Victoria is known for a LOT of things, but punk music doesn’t top most lists. The fact is, the punk scene in Victoria was HUGE in the 80s and 90s and saw bands like The Day Glo Abortions, No Means No and the first speed metal band, The Neos.

Victoria had the ingredients to make the perfect punk scene: Caucasian teenagers with stable lives, that developed a lot of angst. YYJ became fertile ground ripe for punk picking.

There has been no announcement on a premier date yet, but Paulina has applied to a few festivals including the Victoria Film Festival. We can’t wait to see this!


Have a listen as Dan Gunn, Jason Lamb and Dylan Willows discuss it on the Zone@91.3fm’s morning show.

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