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July 23, 2015 by Tessa Bousfield

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Music is very powerful. It can express how we feel, it can change how we feel, it can alter the mood of a party and it can help us concentrate.

Many office environments either have music playing throughout the building or employees that are plugged in with headphones, creating a bubble around them where they can get just about anything done; And maybe listen to profanity-filled beats without anyone knowing…

So where do you go for your music playlists? There are many great options like iTunes, SoundCloud and Youtube. However, adding new music to your iTunes account can cost a pretty dollar and your playlists can get old, SoundCloud doesn’t have as big of a music library as Youtube, and making a Youtube playlist can be very time consuming – not to mention there’s no guarantee of it being commercial-free. I mean, who wants to be interrupted from the smooth jams of Montell Jordan with a commercial for stress-free banking?

Enter SonicRoad.


SonicRoad (formerly “RockitFan”), is a music discovery web app powered by YouTube and created by Victoria local, Marcelo Beilin. It’s designed for those who want access to unlimited and uninterrupted music at great speed.

After three clicks and a few seconds, SonicRoad searches YouTube and then generates and plays 3+ hour long playlists of awesome music, for free.

But here’s where it gets even better: To fit the user’s taste for music, playlists are generated to match a specified user interest and musical style. You tell the web-based app you’re unwinding from a busy day, cooking a meal or gearing up for a house party, etc and it will put on the perfect playlist for you! You might be thinking, how is that different from Songza? Well, since it’s linked with Youtube, the music library is incredible!

There are 324 user interests and musical style pairings available and since SonicRoad is powered by YouTube, it also plays music videos and has access to millions of songs by over 30,000 bands and artists from 130 countries.

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“Since none of the playlists are pre-made, there’s no human bias that might downplay artists because they are not well established yet, because they are not being actively promoted, or because they live and work in other countries,” commented Beilin. “As a result, over half of the music featured in SonicRoad showcases great talent that doesn’t typically get a lot of mainstream play and the discovery rate for an average listener can be as high as 80% depending on the genre.”

The mobile app is still in the works, but the web app was designed to match a mobile experience, making it easier for users to make a shift once a mobile option is available.

While it isn’t mobile friendly yet, SonicRoad does have another great feature: Playlists of production-quality music by thousands of artists from around the world performing in 35+ languages!

“Ever been curious about which local bands people in Japan, the Philippines, Russia, Kenya or Argentina listen to? You can find out in just a matter of seconds by exploring the genre World broken down by country,” commented Beilin.


Marcelo Beilin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a family of entrepreneurs and originally came to Canada to study engineering. Instead, he landed a job at a large networking equipment manufacturer and ended up staying. Before SonicRoad, he worked for Trafford Publishing in Victoria and the UK and left after a few years to develop Friesenpress, the online-publishing division of Friesens Corporation.

“There are lots of great creative people in this city working on their own at home, in coffee shops or in public libraries to come up with great web or app-based technologies to solve a key business problem or just to make our lives better. Send With Us was started a little over two years ago by a couple of guys working in coffee shops around the city and has now received funding from top Silicon Valley investors.”


Now that the initial development is complete and SonicRoad’s servers have been moved to the Amazon Cloud, SonicRoad is now competitive around the world in terms of performance and Marcelo will be focusing on this project for quite some time.

Try out SonicRoad today and feel free to share your experiences or ask any question that you might have by emailing

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