February 28, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield

The best explanation of Carollyne Yardley’s artwork may come directly from the artist herself:

“I am a storyteller at heart, and my work is based on imaginary, characters, misfits and alienation. Or perhaps, an alien nation. I am currently exploring character development through portraiture. The squirrel face is a metaphor for the secrets we keep.”

“We tend to identify people or businesses based on their brand, or outward appearance. By removing the human face, the viewer is forced to contemplate the personality of the entity within, using only the clothing as a uniform and visual cue. For instance, people will speculate they think one of my characters is a boy or a girl, regardless of clothing or hairstyle accoutrements.”

Born & raised in Victoria, British Columbia, Carollyne completed her Bachelor of arts at the University of Victoria.

Many Tectorians may remember Carollyne from her days running the local web development firm Star Global up until her career as an artist starting to take flight. We like her work so much we recently added four of her prints to the lounge at Accelerate Tectoria.

Check out her online gallery here or bring one of her paintings home by purchasing through the online store.

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