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March 4, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield

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Looking for a different kind of summer camp for your kids this year?

Startup Skool is a community of creatives, trailblazers, visionaries, and most importantly, entrepreneurs. They are committed to educating youth on how to think with an entrepreneurial mindset, so that one day they can tackle our society’s most difficult social and environmental problems.

Startup Skool was born from a set of experiments with elementary students in Victoria, BC. In order to test how youth would respond to the concept of entrepreneurship, a topic not currently studied in school, the organizers began by giving these classes a $100 micro-loan and asking them to come up with ideas on how to use that loan to make even more money which would then be donated to their charity of choice. The results were extraordinary. With businesses ranging from building bird houses to sell at a local market to selling green smoothies, these kids were able to turn that initial $100 investment into thousands of dollars for charity.

Startup Skool is being offered the month of July at the University of Victoria, switching to Fort Tectoria on Fridays for “Pitch Fridays”.

Listen below to learn more as Dan Gunn discusses it on the B-Side, and click here to register for Skool!

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