The Aussie that created Victoria’s Cocktail Culture

October 28, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield


Originally a well-known bartender from Australia, Shawn Soole found his way to Victoria, Canada after falling in love and finding his wife. This love story is a perk for all of us, so pay attention.

Many may know Shawn from when he was behind the bar at Clive’s Cocktail Lounge blowing your mind, or when he helped create your favourite spot, Little Jumbo.

He left the Little Jumbo venture in 2014 to pursue further endeavours, but not before the restaurant earned: the Silver Medal for Vancouver Magazine’s Wine List Awards, Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bar at Tales of the Cocktails, Scotch Malt Whisky Society Partner Restaurant, Top 30 Best New Restaurants in Canada & Top 15 Favourite Bar for enRoute Magazine.


His eye for detail, skillful hands, professional palate and knowledge in spirits has led him to that future endeavour… starting S2 Hospitality Concepts where he has redesigned Cafe Mexico, Japanese Village and helped launch Clarke Shane’s vision with the new Clarke & Co. (interior, signage, menus – the works). Oh, and he’s also turned Cafe Mexico into one of the world’s largest Mezcal bars!

In addition, Shawn is in the process of writing his second book about BC Craft Distillers for release this year. The first, Cocktail Culture, was co-written with Nate Caudle in 2013. Cocktail Culture is the culmination and showcasing of Victoria’s burgeoning cocktail culture and was nominated as a top 4 pick for Best New Cocktail Book at Tales of the Cocktail. His last decade of success couldn’t have been achieved without Nate Caudle, Solomon Siegel or Simon Ogden.

Mr. Soole is bringing our city up a notch, one restaurant, one cocktail and one great shot of Mezcal at a time. Listen below as Dan Gunn tells the story on the‘s morning show…

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