The B-Side: Tectoria Takes on SXSW

March 12, 2015 by Nevin Thompson

there is something about victoria

Led by Dan Gunn, a team of Tectorians headed down to Austin, Texas for SXSW for a week to represent everything we love about Victoria – the lifestyle, the weather, the live music, the beer, the coffee culture and much more.

SXSW is one of the biggest cultural events of the year. Organized in Austin (“the Blue City in the Red State”), SXSW attracts hundreds of thousands of people for a massive gathering that is equal parts tech conference and live music festival.

Everyone from tech startups to investors to potential tech employees to creative geniuses will be attending SXSW.

In short, everyone we want to tell about Victoria is there, and that is why we made such big plans this year.

How We’re Showing Off Victoria at SXSW

We have a booth at the the SXSW Job Fair where we will be inviting job seekers and investors to the “Taste of Victoria” event we’re hosting in Austin, all while promoting individual elements that make Victoria such a great place to live and to work:

The coolest thing we are taking with us? An amazing collection of promo goodies that are all tied together by an amazing new website called

Some of the other promotion tools we’re using down there are:

  • Posters in a film noir style with the above-named individual elements
  • A bound book of postcards with the individual elements
  • “Restricted” panther T-shirts, pointing to the above website
  • An inspirational video with local spoken-word artist (and City of Victoria Councillor) Jeremy Loveday, shining a light on what makes Victoria different
  • Printed invitations to the “Taste of Victoria” event we’re hosting at Holy Mountain in Austin onMarch 17th
  • Printed earphone promotional giveaways
  • 8 different coasters with attention-getting modern movie quotes, on the flip side
  • T-shirts with the attention-getting modern movie quotes, also pointing to the uber-URL
  • Mirror clings with the movie quotes for bathroom guerrilla marketing

Something About Victoria – the video

We provided a sneak peak of this incredible marketing campaign earlier this week. We posted this amazing, soul-stirring video by Dave Wallace  about everything we love about Victoria (but almost no one outside of our city even knows about):

Visit and share the incredibly motivational video on your social feeds, in your job postings and in your recruitment packages.

We want people to know about all of the opportunities there are in Victoria, from the short commutes, the lack of snow, the multitude of jobs to the all the things you can enjoy when you’re not working.

The goal is to provide awareness of Victoria in a fun, eye-catching way so it will resonate with Job Seekers and Investors. We want to stand out in a big way and get some of the Investors and top Executives flying over here in September for Experience Tectoria!

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