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May 28, 2015 by Tessa Bousfield


If you’re one of the lucky one’s that managed to snag a golden ticket to this year’s Brewery and the Beast, good for you! If you’re like the rest that swore under your breath after it sold out in a single day… we feel for you.

A blend of great marketing, a unique event, a fantastic lineup, and an effortless ticketing service called Ticket Rocket are to blame. The newly branded TicketRocket.co (The name was previously owned by Intrepid Theatre), was born this past March and although it seemed like an overnight success, it was 17 years in the making.


Ticket Rocket co-owner, Matthew Davey, started his company TicketDirect.co.nz 17 years ago in New Zealand.

Fate came to be at an All Blacks game on the south island of New Zealand when Matthew met Chris Noel, and they had an instant connection as they are both from Victoria, BC and know a thing or two about technology.

Fast forward to today and Matthew and Chris have joined forces along with Donna Lee and Sean Toohey to establish the new Ticket Rocket. Oh, and Matthew did well with that New Zealand business, as it’s now the largest ticketing company there and has been powering everything from nightclubs to the largest stadiums and festivals for decades. A great pool of knowledge to expose Ticket Rocket to.


Ticket Rocket is a new North American wide event ticketing business based in Victoria and Los Angeles, bringing large-scale ticketing solutions to smaller teams, venues and promoters, bridging the gap in this industry.

“The goal is to give a large ‘Ticket Master style’ experience to the little guys at prices that make sense,” commented Chris, co-owner of Ticket Rocket and Hipwood Digital. “This means more reporting, [compatibility with] gate scanners, real time statistics, and enhanced security measures, just to name a few.”

Just imagine a charity event or independent dance school production with ticket scanners at the front door and an overall smoother operation at registration. Ticket Rocket makes this happen.

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Ticket Rocket has been blasting off recently with popular local events and sport teams.

“Brewery and the Beast was our first single-day sell out client, and we are really excited for the Shamrocks and HarbourCats seasons to get started,” commented Noel.“The Fringe Festival is just around the corner and we are happy to be a major partner for that event. We have also just signed our first Oregon-based client, the Medford Rogues baseball team.

With this kind of momentum, it’s not far off to say Ticket Rocket will become the preferred ticketing service in Victoria, and even in North America.


Ticket Rocket has major expansion on the horizon. They hope to partner with other box offices that may be using different back end technology to power their systems, and they plan on continuing to stick-handle partnerships with hockey teams.

“We are already in talks with many more teams and have the hockey season to start prepping for through the summer,” commented Chris. “Our goal is to be the dominant player in the second and third tier cities across North America, an area somewhat forgotten by the big boys.”

If you have an upcoming event (big or small), contact Ticket Rocket by visiting online, in person or contacting Chris directly.

Box Office: 1609 Blanshard Street, Victoria BC

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