Vancouver is a close 2nd

March 31, 2017 by Tessa Bousfield

We’re taking the wheel and driving off road for this B-Side and talking about… VANCOUVER!

If you find yourself wanting to get off the rock, here are three must-visit spots for live music and a ‘chill’ every Islander will be down with…

  1. The Cambie
    300 Cambie St.
    Maybe the reason we’re so drawn to this spot is because we have Cambie pubs in Esquimalt and in Nanaimo, or maybe it’s because it has that punk-rock vibe, that “no care” attitude and great music. This company has been around since 1897 and continues to support local products in Vancouver and across Canada.

    Guilt & Co interior

  2. Guilt & Co
    1 Alexander St
    This little venue is tucked underneath Chill Winston in Gastown. The dim lighting, exposed beams and foundation, and gender neutral washroom make it a warm and welcoming space, yet still feels like it’s a speakeasy you’ve stumbled upon and is too good to be true. There’s live music every night of the week and the bands all have killer talent. Doors usually open at 8pm and they have a “pay what you can” policy, with all proceeds paying the band. Get there early if you want to get in. This spot is highly recommended! Check out their unique website design on desktop too.

    Tiki Room interior

  3. The Shameful Tiki Room
    4362 Main St
    Boss man Dan Gunn was so captivated by this place he spent 4 hours there and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! It was their 4th anniversary when he visited so the tiki-ness was in full effect. The decor is spot-on with cozy booths, bamboo and palm trees and very creative cocktail drinks. There were even Polynesian dancers, a host that looked like Freddy Mercury and music that makes you want to stay all night. There’s a location in Toronto as well. You’ve gotta visit this place!


Listen below as Dan describes each spot in detail and learns who Natalie Imbruglia is… (you have to listen)

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