The Zombie Bus

What do you do with a 40-foot rolling garage and patio? As much fun stuff as you possibly can.

That’s according to Scott Collins, who, as co-owner of Victoria’s Adrenaline Motorcycles, built this awesome bus, which he calls the Zombie Response Unit.

The big, green bus could be mistaken for a military vehicle, and the Zombie Response Unit has acquired quite a Facebook following. The bus even makes an appearance on a survivalist web forum as a “bug out vehicle.”

Adrenaline’s Scott and his team use this green gigantic bus as a transport bus to get bikes and riders to different events. The top of the bus serves as a viewing stand for motorcycle races that occur all over Western Canada.

Scott noticed trip to motorcycle meetups were turning into adventures.

“I have discovered sharing adventures is the best part of the Zombie Response Unit,” says Scott.

It’s been so much fun, Scott says, that he decided to open it up to whatever fun he can find. He now organizes events. Scott is also open to events, so suggest something, and you might just get to party in a Zombie-proof ride.


Just give Z-Bus Captain (Scott Collins) to inquire about upcoming events that the bus is going to.

Why shuffle through life like a zombie when you can build your own adventure? Join the Zombie Bus for an unforgettable ride!

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