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August 6, 2014 by Nevin Thompson

Victoria’s very own Weird Party has just announced the release of their new vinyl recording Mellow Funk – Vol. 1 on Softtone Records.

Weird Party is an amazing side-project by some of Victoria’s most respected musicians, and really shows how the local music scene is continuing to evolve and grow. This supergroup combines elements of funk, ambient, jazz, and psychedelic grooves, with a lot of spoken word samples thrown in.

There is absolutely no excuse to not give these guys a listen: Mellow Funk is available on iTunesBandcampSoundcloudYouTube, and of course on the Weird Party website itself.

The band features former members of Jets Overhead, Seven Year Old Poets, and Whip, and features performances by The Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness, and members of Gold and Youth on their recently released album.

They say their influences range from Air, St. Germain, Brian Eno, Propellerheads, United Future Organization, Greyboy, Ubiquity Records, Acid Jazz, Bob James, to Tortoise.

They recommend listening to Mellow Funk as an eclectic evening soundtrack while drinking a glass of wine.

Weird Party’s eponymous debut was recorded at Victoria’s Infiniti Studios by noted journeyman indie musician Ted Gowans, who has worked as touring guitarist in Tegan and Sara‘s backing band.

Since then Gowans has played and recorded music with Margaret Cho, Matt Sharp, Louise Burns and Chris Mansfield (Fences). The debut release was mastered by Adam Sutherland, who runs Infiniti Studios and was a guitarist for the currently hibernating Armchair Cynics.


If you like to enjoy Weird Party locally in Victoria, why not head down to Ditch Records at 784 Fort Street and pick up a copy for yourself. The vinyl will run you just $21 and comes with a free digital download.

Victoria Indie Music Scene Geeky Factoids

Victoria supergroup Weird Party’s lineup:

Chris Mackenzie – Drums
Piers Henwood – Guitar
Andrew Poirier – Guitar
William Farrant – Bass

Anand Greenwall – Saxaphone

Featured performers on Mellow Funk:

Thomas Shields – Vocoder, Synth
Neil Cooke-Dallin – Percussion, Synth
Abi Rose – Vocals
Matthew Lyall – Synth/Keys
Dave Hyldig – percussion

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