Wheelies Motorcycles

March 28, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield

Welcome to Wheelies Motorcycles.

Located in the heart of Victoria’s industrial Rock Bay neighbourhood, this brand new shop/cafe/eatery is truly something unique.  Built from an auto repair shop that first opened in 1948,  you are greeted at the door by a smell of freshly seasoned chicken breast, rich organic coffee and a sweet tinge of motor oil.  Thanks in part to a facelift that took nearly 5 months to complete, the style gives Wheelies its swagger.

The food is the highlight of the entire experience. Chef Kai Musseau prides himself on only using the best, locally sourced ingredients to create a fresh menu that evolves weekly.

If pulled pork sandwiches and freshly brewed espresso don’t turn your head, the Wheelies U Wrench program just might.  Have a bike you want to wrench on but have no space or tools?  Wheelies let’s you rent time (hour, half day, full day etc) to do just that.

With a parking lot that is begging for a pig roast and a location strong enough to anchor an entire block party, Wheelies may have accidentally positioned itself to transform a whole neighbourhood.

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