Ways To Buy Sundcloud Followers

Similar to the YouTube Partners program, the new service will allow artists to monetize the content they upload to SoundCloud through paid ads. The ads will appear, either on the SoundCloud player or in a streaming audio file. When the program was presented for the first time, there were no specific conditions that defined exactly how revenue sharing would work. But, from what I’ve read, it seems that the artist will be rewarded every time an ad appears on any track he has uploaded.

The SoundCloud platform maintains a unique community and a very select group of listeners, so it is great to use it to create a fan base and connect directly with them – although the most interesting, perhaps, is that you can also get money by doing so.

“It’s as if we had a connection with this company, the SoundCloud Premier program has been really amazing for all the things we are trying to do,” says indie duo The Cathedrals. “We self-manage and release music independently, so working directly with people who care about music, our music, has been one of the biggest benefits of being part of the SoundCloud Premier program.”

Despite all the benefits mentioned, SoundCloud Premier remains an initiative only accessible by invitation, although, from the platform, they assure that they will “expand this opportunity quickly to include many more creators in 2018”. For this purpose, they have a registration form that we link below, although they also point to the option of being part of the program if you work or have a contract with a stamp attached to it.

And in any case, the first step is to be part of SoundCloud: that’s very simple because they offer free accounts with up to three hours of time for music uploads. If you want to extend that limit, the ‘Pro’ mode reaches six hours for $ 7 per month, while the ‘Pro Unlimited’ variety is dedicated to professional profiles, without time limitations and advanced tools, for € 11 per month.

Here is a breakdown of the different levels of service they offer:

  • Partner – This level is free, but only allows you to upload 3 hours of content. It comes with online help and basic statistics (counter of views, likes, comments, and downloads).
  • Pro – This level will cost you € 6 per month (or € 55 per year), and your upload limit goes up to 6 hours of content. The Pro level allows you to activate Quiet Mode, which lets you manage SoundCloud comments and statistics of your tracks. This level allows artists to highlight their best work, placing their favorite tracks and playlists at the top of the profile.
  • Pro Unlimited – This level offers unlimited file upload – hence its name – and costs € 15 per month (or € 135 per year). Apart from everything mentioned above, it offers advanced analytics functions. With Pro Unlimited, you can see who listens/downloads your songs, in which countries/states/cities you are most popular, and which social networks give you more traffic or followers.
  • Premier – The Premier level is by invitation only and is the stadium where artists can start earning money with the tracks that go up.

If you haven’t received an invitation from SoundCloud yet, don’t be afraid. SoundCloud has chosen, one by one, a small group of artists or “creators” to participate in the initial launch. Eventually – hopefully, sooner rather than later – SoundCloud intends to fully launch the new ad format, making it accessible to all registered users.

Apart from limiting the group of artists, SoundCloud has also limited the number of brands that will participate in the initial ad phase. Some of these companies are Red Bull, Jaguar, and Comedy Central. Some of the initial content partners are Sony / ATV, BMG, Funny or Die, and Goldlink, the Washington hip-hop artist.

So as long as they maintain this ideology, there should not be too much resistance from users. Meanwhile, rumors have reached me that registered SoundCloud users can request an invitation. I have not been able to verify this point, but I imagine it is only a matter of time.

Five Novelties From Soundcloud Premier To Monetize Your Music

Promotion of playlists for your new releases

Do you have a new theme or a complete album ready to show them? The new songs from the creators of SoundCloud Premier are now automatically eligible for promotional rotation on featured playlists ( playlists ), including the new music feature “Fresh Pressed” on the SoundCloud homepage.

Media promotions made by SoundCloud

New or trending SoundCloud Premier artists are included in weekly and monthly promotions of SoundCloud social media channels, e-mail newsletters, audio and video promotion spots throughout the platform and various external marketing opportunities developed by SoundCloud

Opportunities for association with the brand

SoundCloud unites creators with some of the world’s directing brands in search of partnership opportunities that give them more exposure and money for their pockets.

Live Presentations

The creators of SoundCloud Premier are the preferred option for SoundCloud live events such as SXSW and other emerging presentations. They also ensure that “we will add new opportunities to help creators improve their live shows and grow their fan base.”

They help you when you need it.

From the platform, they offer dedicated support to the SoundCloud Premier member community, in addition to having additional training resources to configure your presence in SoundCloud Premier and make the most of this opportunity.

If you ask emerging artists what the hardest part of their work is, many will say that it is getting broadcast for their music, so promoting yourself on SoundCloud and thinking about how having a good amount of Sound followers. It would be one of the smartest you can do to get recognition.


buy soundcloud plays

SoundCloud has an average of 175 listeners per month, which is a few million more than the 140 million active users of Spotify. One thing that differentiates both platforms is that the SoundCloud user base is largely composed of independent musicians along with producers, room owners, A&R representatives, and record labels, not to mention Music fans always hungry to listen to new music.


Many important artists have been discovered thanks to simply uploading their songs to SoundCloud, such as DJ / Electronic music producer Kygo and rappers Post Malone, Fetty Wap, and Lil Uzi Vert. Similarly, the self-published “trap soul” artist Bryson Tiller attributes to the platform his growing success, in a Hot New Hip Hop interview he says, “SoundCloud is key to my success, seriously.”


SoundCloud has been crucial in creating a career for these and many other artists, becoming an essential tool for those looking to attract important industry contacts and increase their listener base. How do you manage to create and nurture a fan base on SoundCloud?


Create A Full Profile


This seems common sense, but you would be surprised at the number of artists who fail to create a good profile on SoundCloud.


To start, you should dedicate yourself to writing a good artistic biography. Think of a brief presentation with the aim of generating interest in you and your projects. In many cases, it will be the first impression a listener has of you, so do it right.


When you upload songs, accompany each one with an interesting image, and make it something different from your profile picture. This is branding as your songs begin to attract attention; people will associate the images with your songs and artistic name.


Use a complete group of musical style labels, so that the people you want to reach can easily find your music. What’s more, don’t forget to keep your contact information up to date in case some type of industry wants to contact you. And always insert a link to your SoundCloud profile on your websites and social networks.


Connect, Connect, Connect


SoundCloud could be considered the Linkedin of the musical world. So, apart from regularly posting good music, the best way to make yourself known in SoundCloud is to connect with other users actively.


You can start by looking for artists who make music similar to yours. Look at their fans, connect with their most active listeners, follow them, interact with them. Joining groups and forums dedicated to a genre are also good ways to spread your music. It is similar to networking in person, and if you spend some time each day to interact with people, they will soon notice you.


When you talk to fellow artists, combine things a little. Instead of just showing your songs to people, why don’t you ask them before they send you their music? If it is good, refuel it on your profile. 

Pay for what you have to pay.


Many of you already know the services offered by guaranteed followers, listeners, likes, etc. in exchange for money.


Good SoundCloud users can easily detect when musicians pay for their “success.” For example, if someone visits your profile and sees a lot of listeners without likes, comments, or reposts, they might intuit that something does not work.


Instead, if you have a budget to spread your music, there are many more honest ways to promote yourself. Putting a few turkeys on Facebook ads is a way to adjust your promotion, as they allow you to choose the target audience by age, location, music genre, and even those who “like” a certain artist.


Another proven method is to address relevant influencers in your musical style and pay them to share your song. This can bring traffic to your profile and, if your music is really good, it should generate comments, likes, and new followers.

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